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In the Forex market

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In the Forex market

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In the Forex market you should always have a path that has the least resistance. That is, if the market moves in a certain direction and there are valid reasons for continuing this move, you should follow the market. As long as evidence of market transformation becomes stronger.
Using a daily chart for technical analysis helps you identify and analyze actual trends. When looking at trends on daily charts, you need to make sure you analyze the amount of data you need. You should usually work on 120 to 150 bars in one day.
Here are some of the most useful ways to diagnose new and consolidated trends in daily charts:
Upper and down fluctuations - Over the course of the uptrend, the market will regularly raise higher prices and lower prices. During the Noolly trend, the market also has lower prices and higher prices.
Simple moving average of 50 and 200 - Two of the most important moving averages on a daily chart, the average moving average is 50 and 200 times. Consider the price relative to these two, and if prices pass through these two levels, you will likely see a sharp price move.افضل وسيط لتداول العملات
Trend lines - this technique is very simple, but it is a great tool for identifying trends and potential return points. Observe the prospects of near-line breakthroughs as these can be the early signs of returning prices.
In fact, moving from a short frame time to a longer frame rate is one of the easiest but most effective ways to increase the rate of profit and overall profitability.
We recommend you run a manual or computerized backtestream of your trading strategy on a daily chart, and then compare its results with shorter frames like 30 and 60 minutes. Most likely, the results of the daily chart will be better off.افضل موقع توصيات اجنبي
Apart from the financial benefits of trading on a daily chart, the impact of psychology should not be ignored. By choosing this time frame, you will spend less time researching the market, and as a result, your mind will be severed from current transactions and you can put them into management plans that you already have.

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